About Us

Our story at SheOdessa is the genesis of unique style, which comes from a desire to emphasise positive femininity; to entitle women to wear what they love, through silhouette figures with a sophisticated yet casual demeanour. Our fashion is inspired by summer days, decorative prints, a yearning for travel, which allows women to wander and explore the world, looking classy, chic, sophisticated and timeless. 

By creating individual unique pieces rather than collections, SheOdessa seeks to provide those extra special items we feel are missing from our own wardrobes and then place them into yours. 

We have fabulous dresses for all occasions. A dress to wear strolling along the boulevards of Paris or relaxing in a Venetian gondola. A dress in which to walk barefoot in the sand or to party in London.

A dress that you can wear in the morning, afternoon or evening. Dine in a daytime street cafe or at sunset by candlelight.